Shoro - David Sumbler

for solo harp

Shoro was composed for Eira Lynn Jones, and was originally entitled Concert Study. It was given the name Shoro, signifying a Japanese bell-tower, because of the modified pentatonic scale on which the piece is written, which evokes a Japanese atmosphere, and because of the bell-like character of both the Moderato and the Allegro ritmico sections.

The harp part includes markings for suggested pedalling and fingering.

Please note that although the image below shows the actual layout of a page of the Aeolia edition, it does not reflect the quality of the printed version. This is because the image on your computer screen reproduces the original at only 72 pixels (dots) per inch, with the result that slurs are jagged, stave lines are not equally spaced, and the appearance is generally crude. The actual printed version is produced using laser printers at over 34 million dots per page, resulting in complete smoothness and evenness in the quality of the print.

Shoro - sample