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 Title  Composer  Price 
Flute and Harp - original works
  Nocturne, Tyrolienne and Rondoletto    (New performing edition)    Naderman & Tulou   6.95
  Pum Alaw Werin  (Five Welsh Folk Songs)    Sumbler 5.95
Flute and Harp - arrangements
  Ave Maria   Bach / Gounod 4.95
  Pavane   Fauré 4.95
  Morning from Peer Gynt   Grieg 4.95
  Theme and Variations   Mozart 5.95
  Fantasia on Greensleeves   Vaughan Williams 5.95
Cello and harp
  Ave Maria   Bach / Gounod 4.95
Harp solo
  Shoro   Sumbler 3.95
Voice (baritone) and flute
  To Paint the Portrait of a Bird   Sumbler 6.95
String quartet
  String Quartet (score)   Sumbler 5.95
  String Quartet (parts)   Sumbler In preparation
Flute and piano (published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd.)
  Favourite Melodies for Flute   arranged Sumbler 8.99
  Folk Songs for Flute   arranged Sumbler 6.99
  The Flautist's Collection - Book 4   arranged Sumbler 8.99
  The Flautist's Collection - Book 5   arranged Sumbler 8.99
Flute tutor (published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd.)
  Fast-track Flute   Sumbler 7.99
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