Phantasy on Themes of Japanese Folk Songs

Josef Molnar (b. 1929)

Josef Molnar was born in Austria, and studied the harp at the Vienna Academy of Music. Having later settled in Japan, he encouraged Japanese composers to write for the instrument, and was the author of the first tutor for the harp to be written in the Japanese language. He has composed many works for the harp, most of them influenced by Japanese culture and music.

The Phantasy begins with a slow introduction; this is followed by the Coal-Miners' Song, which leads straight into the Song of Kusatsu. The atmosperic Kochi Song is followed by a Japanese lullaby, played first as a harp solo and then by the flute. The Fisherman's Song is introduced by a rhythm beaten out on the sound-board of the harp. The slow introduction is then recalled , and the piece concludes with a brief presto coda.

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