David Sumbler

David Sumbler is a versatile musician who works as a flautist, composer, examiner, teacher and accompanist. He studied music at Oxford University and the Northern School of Music (one of the forerunners of the Royal Northern College of Music), and holds a degree from Durham University. With harpist Eira Lynn Jones he is a member of The Aeolian Duo; he is also currently principal flautist of the Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra. His work as a freelance flautist and as an examiner for Trinity College, London has taken him to many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and the West Indies.

As a composer, several of his works have been recorded and broadcast. The Nightingale , written in collaboration with the librettist Kenneth Hodgkinson, was a piece commissioned by the Northern Chamber Orchestra. It was later recorded with narration by Daphne Oxenford and achieved great success. David Sumbler - photograph

For the music publishers Kevin Mayhew, David has prepared four books of arrangements for flute and piano and a flute tutor for adults, whilst for Musica Rara he has edited several Vivaldi concertos. Other commissions include an orchestral work, The Pied Piper, for the Performing Arts Symphony Orchestra, which was performed at their 1998 summer concerts all around the U.K.

David has always had an interest in languages and has dabbled in Serbo-Croat, Maori and Hindi, amongst many others. He is also interested in computers and mathematics, holds a Royal Yachting Association certificate, and is currently learning to fly. But when the seas and the winds are too wild he likes nothing better than tracking down pubs without any music as a dedicated member of PipeDown, the campaign against "piped" music.

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Other publications:

Vivaldi Concerto in D major RV 89

A performance edition of a "concerto" for flute, two violins and basso continuo (no orchestra is needed). The source was a hand-written set of parts in the Swedish National Collection of Music. Vivaldi RV89
Published 1985 by Musica Rara

Vivaldi Concerto in D major RV 92

Vivaldi RV92 A performance edition of a "concerto" for treble recorder, violin, bassoon (or 'cello) and continuo (no orchestra is needed). The bassoon (or 'cello) plays the continuo line: thus only four players are required. In fact the piece works perfectly well as a trio, without a harpsichord, which may have been the original intention. The edition was prepared from the autograph manuscript held by the Biblioteca Nazionale, Turin.
Published 1988 by Musica Rara

The Nightingale (by David Sumbler and Kenneth Hodgkinson)

A recording of this popular story with music, based on the tale of The Emperor and the Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen. The libretto is by Kenneth Hodgkinson, music by David Sumbler. The story is narrated by Daphne Oxenford, with Christopher Underwood (baritone) as the emperor, David Sumbler (flute) as the nightingale, Alan Cuckston (harpsichord) as the mechanical nightingale, and the Northern Chamber Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Smith. The piece lasts for about 45 minutes, and at present is available on vinyl disc only. The Nightingale
Recorded 1981 by Philomela

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